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Cabbage salad with cucumbers

Cabbage salad with cucumbers

Cabbage in our family's diet - something constant and beloved. Preparing today's salad was very surprised that we have never experienced this recipe. And the recipe is simple, budget prepared immediately, and at the same time tasty and healthy. Love this salad to prepare in the early spring from young cabbage.

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Ingredients for Cabbage salad with cucumbers

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cabbage salad with cucumbers

Step 1

This recipe I would attribute to the category of the base. The base is one, and it can add many different ingredients, from radishes and to meat products.
Shred the cabbage. To grind by hand. Winter cabbage coarse, so this step should not be ignored.

Step 2

Cut into strips or cucumbers to grate on the Korean grater (conventional grater to use it, get porridge.)

Step 3

Stir vegetable oil with soy sauce Kikkoman.

Step 4

Fill the cabbage with cucumbers, lettuce mix. All!