Liver, stewed in sour cream

140 - 30 минут 3 порции

Dear cooks! First time put up the recipe so that do not swear. I never knew how to cook liver, it is always bitter and it turned out tough and tasteless. But my young man, a gourmand and lover of meat and all offal taught me this recipe. And now it can be said, the signature dish. Cook it amazingly easy, fast, and most importantly - economically, which is important.

Ingredients for Liver, stewed in sour cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Liver, stewed in sour cream

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1. Wash and clean liver ( or chicken hearts) from the film

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2. A very thin half-rings cut onions

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3. Fry it in vegetable oil until Golden brown. Set aside.

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4. Mix the livers and hearts with part of the seasonings - add half of pepper, 1-2 tsp. of herbs, NOT SALT! Coat the liver in flour. I prefer not to cut the liver, even if it is big.

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5. Fry the liver on a fairly high heat in vegetable oil until Golden brown with 2 sides. It is important that there was a crust, but the liver inside the blood.

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7. Now put the livers and hearts in the pan with fried onion, stir, sprinkle with the remaining spices, pour sour cream and simmer on low heat for another 10 minutes.