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Tatar pot pie with potatoes and meat. The pearl of the Tatar cuisine. In every national cuisine dishes that can safely be called a cult. And around these dishes often unfold numerous battles. What happens is these battles often because some people were lucky enough to try this iconic dish in the finest of performance while others do not. What do I mean? Well, for example, in Central Asia it is rice, in Russian cuisine, in my opinion - mushroom soup with sauerkraut. In the Tatar kitchen is, of course, belish. Or should I say Zur-belish.

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Ingredients for Zur-belish

Step by step instruction of cooking Zur-belish

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Knead the dough from all ingredients, let stand for 20-30 minutes to become elastic. Meanwhile, cut the meat onions and potatoes, add Bay leaf, salt pepper and mix well.

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Divide the dough into two parts, roll one part into a sheet thickness of 4-6 mm, to spread in greased pan with margarine. Put the stuffing.

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Roll out the second sheet of the dough, cover the pie, cut excess. Edge stung. In the center make a hole with a diameter of 4-6 cm From the remnants of dough to make a lid and cover the hole. The remnants of the dough you can also decorate the cake.

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In the initial phase, approximately the first 30 minutes to bake at 200 degrees (before Browning);

the cake started to brown - cover the bowl or foil and reduce the temperature to 180 degrees;

when the aroma (in about an hour and a half after the start of baking), pour the boiling broth and continue to bake under the foil until ready.

After adding the broth, the cake is cooked for about one and half to two hours.


- the most delicious belish obtained from the goose. The filling for this pie is to add the goose cracklings and pour the goose broth. The batter – goose fat.
My friends! If you are supporters of a healthy diet, it is better not to cook this is definitely a very nutritious dish than to cook, changing the amount of fat component in the dough!

Margarine, frankly, significantly reduces the taste characteristics of the food. Reducing fat and even puts the cake in the category of vague nyamka;

the most delicious belisi that I had a chance to try, was prepared by the masters, who cut the potatoes and onion cubes with sides less than five millimeters, and the meat - pieces of no more than one cubic centimeter. Alas, the bigger the meats, the more it looks like stewed potatoes with meat and the less a masterpiece of Tatar cuisine