White beans with vegetables and seafood

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Recently I became a big fan of large white beans. If it is properly prepared, the beans will not leave anyone indifferent.

for Lent

Ingredients for White beans with vegetables and seafood

Step by step instruction of cooking White beans with vegetables and seafood

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Cut all the vegetables into.

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Soak the beans for 10-12 hours. A couple of times to change the water.

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Preheat the pan with oil and fry the onion. Bowls of beans, pour the water and pour it in the pan. All the vegetables, pepper, tomatoes, garlic, celery stalks put to beans, pour water so that the beans covered, and simmer with the lid on. Vegetables can be put at the end of cooking beans, but I like when everything is stewed together.

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Beans to cook on low heat not less than 1.5 hours. Do not forget to occasionally stir the contents of the pan.

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At the end of cooking the beans should be soft. Add seasoning and dried herbs, season with salt and put in the beans seafood. Stir and turn off the stove.

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The beans are ready.

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Serve it at table with sauce Kikkoman.

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In the dish with beans to put the leaves of celery and sprinkle it with chopped dill.