Lentil soup with olives

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Hearty and rich in taste soup, lentil and chickpea. With the addition of olives.

for Lent

Ingredients for Lentil soup with olives

Step by step instruction of cooking Lentil soup with olives

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Chickpeas and lentils to soak in water at least 4 hours. Lentils, rinse and pour in the pot along with the chickpeas. Put on the fire. Add the onion whole or chopped. Bring to a boil and cook 30-40 minutes on low heat until beans are cooked.

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Then, if the onions whole, then take out the bulbs and discarded. If not, just pour soy sauce.

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Potato peel, wash, cut and put in a pan.

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Then peel and grate carrots, add it to the soup.

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Do the same thing with celery. When all the vegetables are cooked, add the tomato.

Шаг 6

Take olives, sliced and put into soup. Boil a couple of minutes and remove from the heat. If desired, in the soup, add the brine from the olives.

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Ready soup served with green onions and chopped garlic.