Tea powder and drink it

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Good day! The name is stupid it turned out, I hope at least the recipe will make You happy) this recipe the ingredients are the powder of the match. To run around and look for it around town and I was lazy, so I found it on the Internet and found out that the powder of the match - this is a common green tea, just powdered (well, not exactly simple and the tea is ground not normal). I decided: why not to try? The benefit house was a grinder and a bunch of different teas and herbs. But I decided to try the green tea, as in the original, and most of these herbs that I collected personally run all summer. It was very tasty. I tried different brewing and came here to this method. What happens in the end tea is difficult to call, so let it be tea drink. So, in this recipe you will learn how to make tea powder and tea drink from it. The same recipe will be of interest to vegetarians like myself and tourists - very cool to save some space in the backpack, as the powder takes up much less space than regular tea.

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Ingredients for Tea powder and drink it

Step by step instruction of cooking Tea powder and drink it

Шаг 1

We take out what we need on the table

Шаг 2

Put the contents of the spoon in a coffee grinder

Шаг 3

To be ground. The house is soaring unique flavor... tea powder increase your smell and taste

Шаг 4

Our powder is ready

Шаг 5

Pour water into the bucket (usually the milk is warm)

Шаг 6

Pour there our powder. If you have a small strainer, you can ProSuite powder through it.

Шаг 7

And mix well

Шаг 8

Boil it all

Шаг 9

And stir again

Шаг 10

Slightly reduce the heat and allow the mixture to simmer, regularly stirring it

Шаг 11

After some time the powder will be on top

Шаг 12

At this point, turn down the fire to the minimum and two minutes keep the drink on fire

Шаг 13

Remove from the heat and pour through cheesecloth into a mug

Шаг 14

Remove the gauze and squeeze it

Шаг 15

Enjoy a Cup of tea)