Chicken in creamy tomato sauce

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Multivarka-pressure cooker. The chicken turns out very juicy and flavorful. A great option for a hearty lunch or dinner with the family. I'm sure a hostess will cook a chicken, but I would venture to put his version (maybe someone will like;)) help yourself!

Ingredients for Chicken in creamy tomato sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken in creamy tomato sauce

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Shin wash, dry.
Any part of the bird. I have today, for example, drumsticks+ thighs+ wings)). My family this is more than enough.
Marinate the chicken for about an hour. I as entered marinade mayonnaise: 1яйцо + 2H. spoon of mustard + 1 tsp sugar + salt + pepper + butter (about 150-200ml), there also I sent 3 garlic cloves, dill and parsley.
You can marinate in the usual mayonnaise or sour cream with spices and garlic. This is Your taste.

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Onions and carrots peel carrots to RUB on a grater (larger I - cubes), onion cut into half rings. Put vegetables in a bowl multivarki, add the oil and on the mode of "ROASTING" fry, stirring, until transparent onion.
Then add ketchup (if ketchup or tomato sauce sour, add a little sugar) and sour cream to vegetables. Salt, pepper, season with your favorite spices (I have a bouillon cube). Give our sauce a bit out a couple of minutes (still in the same mode Frying).

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If the sauce is too thick, add a little water (hot). I thought I was thick, and I, fearing that then, in the process of cooking the chicken will burn up added a little water, but just a little bit!
All our sauce is ready. Pour it while the bowl multivarki in a bowl.

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The chicken is marinated. It was her turn))
The bowl of the slow cooker sauce after washing is not necessary, just wipe with a paper towel.
Dip chicken in bread crumbs and fry in multivarka on mode, FRYING on both sides until Golden brown (in vegetable oil). Then when the chicken is ready, pour back our sauce, evenly distributing it across the surface. Close the lid and set the mode SUPPRESSION for 35 minutes (the time for multi-cooker).

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Bon appetit!