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Dumplings with marjoram

Dumplings with marjoram

From childhood, I love dumplings from dumpling dough, straight fan, especially fried in a pan. Mom's question "What to cook today?" from my mouth has always been the same answer: "Galuskina..." this love from me and dad shared and shares still. When family fashioned dumplings, it is always from the remnants of dough were preparing dumplings. My mother, apparently, a specially mixed batter. I decided to move away from the traditional way of cooking my favorite fried dumplings and cook them in vegetable version in Italian, using instead of pasta, thereby to shield themselves from the search of pasta without adding eggs or egg powder. We liked it, and I hope You will like it.

Cooking time 45 minutes Number of servings3

Ingredients for Dumplings with marjoram

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Dumplings with marjoram

Step 1

Ingredients required to prepare the dumplings with marjoram. Tomatoes in own juice, canned or RUB through a sieve. Peel the onion and carrots.

Step 2

Knead the dough for the dumplings. Sift the flour. To make the flour funnel and pour water at room temperature.

Step 3

Start kneading the dough.

Step 4

To make the sausages and cut the noses of 0.5 - 0.7 mm wide. To fix every patch and pour a flour, to avoid clumping.

Step 5

To lower in boiling water and cook until tender. The water or the pastry is not salted, because salt is in the soy sauce and tomatoes.

Step 6

Finely chop the onions. Carrots cut into strips.

Step 7

In a pan heat the oil, put the Bay leaf, add the chopped onions and carrots. All fry.

Step 8

Add the pureed canned tomato and marjoram. Mix and cook.

Step 9

When the liquid starts to evaporate, add the soy sauce "Kikkoman", according to the desire pepper and cook until cooked carrots. Remove Bay leaf.

Step 10

Ready dumplings out onto a plate, put the vegetable mixture and stir. Dumplings with marjoram ready.