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Uighur cuisine. Powerade share with you the recipe of Uighur cuisine... our family preparing different dishes of several cultures-daddy of Uyghur, Russian mom live in Central Asia... actually all intertwined))) Now some will tell you about santah-prepare them in different others add the broth onion skins and cilantro instead of water for color, someone lays eggs, the fat... I will tell you the easiest and most delicious way of cooking, I cook that way. of course the time and attention you need to spend a lot-but it's worth it believe me... of course everyone has different tastes... but still... sanzy like seeds... photo of course I did not... Oh sorry...

Ingredients for Sanz

Step by step instruction of cooking Sanz

Шаг 1

Prosek flour, add oil starting zamachivat the batter and pour warm salty water-the dough when kneading as it should be.

Шаг 2

Kneaded the dough, cover with a towel or pokladem in cellophane for 20 minutes (the dough knead medium soft)

Шаг 3

After our dough rested, we get it and hands torn off 7 balls and of course you can cut with a knife, into a bowl pour oil-we need it for lubrication

Шаг 4

Now formed neat little balls by rolling between your palms, and each ball is lubricated with oil so

Шаг 5

And fold in a Cup or on a dish next to each other and cover with cellophane (pictured I have 8 bulbs-one specifically for daughter as pomogali always there )for 15 to 20 minutes

Шаг 6

After that, take out all bulbs, and in the middle gently with thumb and forefinger make a hole

Шаг 7

And be very careful not to cut fingers, as if clenching and unclenching his tie and put a bagel and a little oil it oil as pictured and so each in turn

Шаг 8

Take the first circle and gently with the palms of both hands begin to roll out in long flagella.. thick ring finger. this is done carefully because not toriphiles can break thestock as you can see the flagellum, I have a solid (I hope the photo and all clear) and you have to supply the oil to heat up

Шаг 9

After all 7 we unrolled... take the first flagellum between the forefinger and thumbs begin to pull as if twirling... as pictured and also the palms of the hands on the table to roll out more thin flagella

Шаг 10

So it should come out in the end

Шаг 11

Pour oil into the cauldron before-guided by fire... the main thing that oil was nakasendo well... so when we were given Sansa in oil it was boiling

Шаг 12

Now we take our flagella and begin to put on the edge of the palm, close to each other

Шаг 13

Now the second hand take the other end and stretch a bit once you hit on the table... sorry no photos as my hands were full and there was no one to photograph-we take sticks insert them instead of hands (sticks are the most common -broken tree branches and sharpened the knife as I need)

Шаг 14

And making sure that the oil is hot first drop one end into the oil, literally a couple of seconds, then the second end and then the middle this is done in order to make the dough a little, and grabbed later when we twist Sanz to flagella not glued to one another.

Шаг 15

When the ends and middle, grabbed a bit we get the left hand right at the top, and we have obtained the twisted flagella (something like eight)

Шаг 16

Some hold chopsticks Sanz, slowly remove them and wait until they become a beautiful Golden color-flip is not necessary, enough oil and they are fried on both sides...
and so do all our dough

Шаг 17

Finished Sansa laid on a dish, and enjoy a Cup of tea

Шаг 18

Sansa can just drink tea, poppy honey, condensed milk, jam... and can be done in a large bowl of tea with milk, salt and butter (atkanchay)mangled there sanzy and sticks (Coka) to eat mmmmm yummy!
my daughter just hrustic them just between case))