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Pie "Hedgehog" filled with

Pie "Hedgehog" filled with

Juicy, bright taste of the filling and the unusual appearance of the pie. My children were excited, ran and asked to eat a Hedgehog, had to be cut still warm. Plus lean dough, which is kneaded for the night.

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Ingredients for Pie "Hedgehog" filled with

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pie "Hedgehog" filled with

Step 1

In the package, mix the chopped onion, fennel and garlic, add the soy sauce, oil and lemon juice. Laid back washed mushrooms and stir. I have them marinated, while I made mashed potatoes (20-30min.).

Step 2

When mashed potatoes are ready, slice the mushrooms finely and mix with mashed potatoes, put all the marinade. Three mushrooms I left on the decoration of our hedgehog.

Step 3

Take out the dough from the refrigerator. During the night it increased 2.5 - 3 times. I mixed a triple batch.

Step 4

On floured table spread the dough and roll out right cold half of the tortillas roll out a little thinner. She spread our stuffing (suggest a cake from shift to baking, to make it easier to transfer to baking tray)

Step 5

Close the filling thicker half of the dough, and shape of the muzzle and the body of a Hedgehog.

Step 6

The ends of the scissors greased with sunflower oil and cut the batter in a checkerboard pattern for the formation of needles.

Step 7

From the olives make the eyes and nose, nose I secured with a toothpick. Included to warm up the oven at 250 degrees until it warmed up, pie rasstaetsja. The grease of a hedgehog sweet water.

Step 8

Put the pie in the oven when it starts to brown, lay the prey on the needle, the mushroom on the Hedgehog. Bake for another 10-20 minutes. The finished pie lubricated once more sweet water. Allow to cool and eat with pleasure.

Step 9

But and buns from the same dough.