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Cakes with sugar fondant

Cakes with sugar fondant

Cakes on the basis of a Victoria sponge cake, covered with sugar fondant. You can make them tiny, one bite, and impress guests with exquisite treats.

Cooking time 180 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Cakes with sugar fondant

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cakes with sugar fondant

Step 1

Candied ginger, cut into small cubes. In combination with the Demerara sugar from the Mistral, it will give the cake an amazing aroma and taste.

Step 2

For sponge cake beat the softened butter with the Demerara sugar until fluffy cream. Add one egg, continuing to mix. Then a shovel will smeshaem flour, sifted with the baking powder, and ginger.

Step 3

Put the dough in the form greased with oil. I have glass, size 12*16.
Put into the oven, preheated to 190 degrees for 20 minutes. Readiness check the match.

Step 4

While the cake is in the oven, make the Fudge. Sugar pour hot water and stir until it dissolves. Then put the saucepan on the fire, bring to a boil.
Remove the foam and wet brush will clean off all the sugar crystals.
Close the lid and cook until the syrup samples soft ball.

Step 5

To remove a sample, take a cold tea spoon a little of the syrup and cooled it in a bowl of cold water. If the cooled syrup rolled into a soft ball and does not stick to the fingers, it is ready. Before the end of cooking, add the syrup of citric acid solution. To prepare it simply. 1/2 tsp citric acid diluted in 1 tsp. water. We will need 1/2 tsp of the solution.

Step 6

Remove the syrup from the heat, sprinkle the surface with cold water and put to cool in a large container of cold water. It needs to cool to about 30 degrees. Here is the syrup prior to mixing.

Step 7

Begin whisking attachments for the test. After a couple of minutes, the syrup will turn white.

Step 8

And then, if done correctly, secretariats. Sweet is ready. It can prepare for the future and store in the fridge. Before use warm up to 30-40 degrees.

Step 9

The cooled cake if necessary, trim, cut lengthwise into two cake. Lubricates one of the cakes with lemon marmalade, leaving 2 tsp. Cover with a second Korzh. Wrap with food film and refrigerate at least 1 hour.

Step 10

Then cover the surface with the remaining jam, slightly heated. Roll out the marzipan into the reservoir, 2-3 mm thick and cover the basis. Gently pressed and cut into squares. Give to stand and warm to room temperature.

Step 11

Heat the fondant, adding a drop of purple dye. It is very important not to cover her cakes are cold, otherwise it hardens quickly and will not get a smooth coating.

Step 12

Mastic better to do the day before so they dry.

Step 13

Cakes can be stored for three days outside the fridge.