Biscuits "Banana myslicki"

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The recipe for this cookie shared my "sports " neighbor. For which I am very grateful. All my friends now are cookies around in my purse for easy snacking, and some give their children to school, because what students eat now (something of rustling bags), scared to call food! And these cookies-baby very much liking, especially because the squad is VERY healthy and tasty. The site has a similar cookie, but I post this recipe, considering that having some differences, he has a right to exist. So how does US - so many FLAVORS! Isn't it? I wish all of you and your babies health!

Ingredients for Biscuits "Banana myslicki"

Step by step instruction of cooking Biscuits "Banana myslicki"

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Necessary ingredients for our cookies

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Pour in the milk and also with a fork stir it into the banana mass

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Then gradually add the cereal, thoroughly knead the mass with a fork

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Next you need to chop our nuts cashews in a blender or just roll them with a rolling pin over the towel (I did this in a blender)

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Pour crushed nuts into a banana-oat mass and mix

Шаг 6

Add the washed and scalded with boiling water raisins

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Using a WET tea spoon (the cookies will be tiny), we collect the dough and then with wet hands form a ball

Шаг 8

Zastelil baking paper baking sheet, lay out our cookies at some distance from each other (much they will not rise), gently press them with your finger. Bake at 180 -200 degrees, focusing on the "whims" of your oven

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Here are our "myslicki" after baking. You can wait 5 minutes, and then carefully remove them with a spatula. I have no patience, and I whenever burning, just try one!

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I hope my "myslicki" take root in your home! Help yourself. I wish health to all the cooks and all the kids!

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