A delicious casserole of chicken

265 - 60 минут 6 порции

Very tasty casserole that the whole family eats with pleasure. Moreover, it is very simple and not expensive ingredients.

Ingredients for A delicious casserole of chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking A delicious casserole of chicken

Шаг 1

Chicken fillet cut into small cubes, add salt, pepper and ketchup, mix well and put into a form in which you prepare.

Шаг 2

After you finely chop the carrot and bell pepper (if you took a large enough and halves)., send this layer in our form, sbryznuv (again, optional) lemon juice.

Шаг 3

Now my clean katriel and cut it into thin slices, adding onion, chopped it finely and mix with the sauce.
The sauce is made of mayonnaise mixed with a small amount of ketchup, to which we add salt, pepper (to taste) and chopped garlic (again optional).
The resulting potatoes in the sauce, put another layer.

Шаг 4

Now cover the top paligoy form and place into the oven for 40-45 minutes. (Almost to full readiness.)
After you remove and sprinkle cheese on top, in the oven until fully cooked.
Crispy crust of cheese remove the falgu;
If you want a soft, liquid cheese on top, reattach the falgu.