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Perch on a green quilt

Perch on a green quilt

Of course, for anybody not a secret that fish is very healthy, especially children! My daughter, she is 2 years old, not a fan of this product. I have 'vegetable' girl : ))) vegetables in any form. So I got the idea to wrap the fish here such "blanket" the Result was stunning, the requested addition! Try it, it's very tasty and most importantly healthy!!!

Cooking time 1 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Perch on a green quilt

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Perch on a green quilt

Step 1

4 - put oil

Step 2

Now again: onions, carrots, greens

Step 3

And hide all this beauty under the leaves of spinach

Step 4

Close the foil, but not tightly

Step 5

Put in slow cooker (can be in the oven, whatever you like)
The bake mode 30 min.

Step 6

Take it out and enjoy!
Fish turns out very tender, juicy with a sweet flavor.

Step 7

Take our fish, get rid of all the excess, RUB the salt, pepper and set aside

Step 8

Carrots three on a coarse grater
Onion cut into rings

Step 9

Greens wash, dry paper towel

Step 10

Spread on foil layers:
1 - onion, carrot

Step 11

2-sprinkle with parsley and dill

Step 12

3-Put our fish