Cod in batter from the couscous and eggs

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Cod with a crust of couscous and eggs is very tasty and not dry, which is not typical for cod, since this sort of fish, still dry. The crust itself is also very pleasant to the taste. On the side I made some eggs with stewed onions. Let's see, maybe something will take note and You.

Ingredients for Cod in batter from the couscous and eggs

Step by step instruction of cooking Cod in batter from the couscous and eggs

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Required products

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To prepare products: Beat eggs until foamy in a deep bowl pour the couscous. Take the pan with a thick bottom, heat up, pour the required quantity of oil Each piece of fish and season with salt and pepper and drop in beaten eggs, then in the couscous, and again in egg and lay on a heated pan. On medium heat fry both sides until cooked to get a beautiful crust

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Something like that

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Now prepare the garnish. Shinkuem onion spread on a pan and tormented until Golden brown

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2 eggs, beat with a whisk add salt, pepper and fill with the stewed onions

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The finished egg pancake sprinkle with dried oregano