Cranberry pie "tat"

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One summer we went with a colleagues of my husband on a picnic, the wife of one of my colleagues persistently all offered to try the blueberry pie, she was very worried that it will spoil in the heat, of course with floating in the air the smell of kebab pie nobody wanted to try. And I, being a lover of baking, I decided to try! And I was waiting for the bliss of the taste... soft, melt in your mouth creamy taste of sour cream with light sour and tartness of the cranberries and all of this was complemented by a slightly vanilla taste neither biscuit, nor shortcake... Now this is my favorite pie! And the girl, as you may have guessed name was Tatiana, hence the name pie. Come, let us enjoy together!

Ingredients for Cranberry pie "tat"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cranberry pie "tat"

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Here is a set of products that we need.
Photo double portion products to the test, because guests were expected from the second half of the dough made cookies.

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If a purchased cranberries, as in my case, it is necessary to sort, rinse with cold water drain in a colander and leave to drain.
Meanwhile, soft butter carefully RUB with sugar and vanilla sugar.

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Add the eggs and beat with a mixer until a homogeneous texture.

Шаг 4

Add the flour and baking powder, knead a soft dough. Flour is better to add gradually, different flour creates different texture. The dough should be soft and slightly sticky.

Шаг 5

Form (better split, I have 28 cm) lay a parchment. Put the dough in the form and with wet hands spread on the form, making a small rim. In the resulting "hole" put the cranberries. If you want sweeter, cranberries, lightly sprinkled with sugar, this time I forgot, but still turned out tasty, apparently cranberries are not acidic.

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Put the pie in a preheated 180 deg. the oven, bake for 20-30 minutes, look at your oven as soon as the edges brown can get.
While pie is in oven, whip the cream (I had 15%) with powdered sugar, here, too, guided by their own tastes, if you want a sweeter taste add more powder.

Шаг 7

Pull cake from oven and immediately pour it with sour cream. Leave to cool in the form. Best of the cooled cake to put another night in the fridge, then a layer of sour cream will keep the form. I was expecting, so I had to do without a refrigerator.

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Enjoy your drink!
By the way, tried a piece of orange peel, which is used for decorations, the taste is just great! Recommend!