Potato gnocchi

180 - 80 минут 8 порции

Tasty, tender... perfect for lunch or dinner!

for New Yearfor 8th of Marchfor birthdayfor 23rd of Februaryfor Valentine's Day

Ingredients for Potato gnocchi

Step by step instruction of cooking Potato gnocchi

Шаг 1

Boil the potatoes with peel.
peel, RUB through a grater.
sift the flour, add the grated potatoes, egg, salt..

Шаг 2

Knead the dough.

Шаг 3

Divide the dough in thin strips width - 1, see /.

Шаг 4

Cut each strip into small pieces / width - 7, 8 mm. to give them rest 20 minutes.
throw the gnocchi into a pot of hot, salted water.
once surfaced, they are ready.
gnocchi can be flavored with a sauce of tomato, butter and cheese, Gorgonzola, ragu Alla Bolognese, pesto.