Rice for sushi

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Simple recipe... prepare the rice just for this recipe. From plain rice and any vinegar you have in the house. I hope someone come in handy...

Ingredients for Rice for sushi

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice for sushi

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Ingredients. Choose vinegar.. I prefer wine, but other options are filling, too, is even nothing :)

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My figure 5-6 the hot waters...

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2 cups rice, pour 4 cups of water. Do not add salt! Note that the number of rice enough to dump to feed 4 people with all sorts of sashimi, Maki... Cook in a slow cooker on the "Rice"...

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Prepare the dressing. So:
Filling #1:
- vinegar 4 tbsp;
salt 1 tsp;
- sugar 3 tsp.

Filling #2:
- Apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp;
sugar 1 tsp.
- salt 0.5 tsp.

Filling #3:
vinegar 6% - 50 ml;
sugar 20 g;
soy sauce 50 ml.

Attention! Absolutely all of the filling is cooked on a slow heat until sugar rastvoreniya. Do not boil! Carefully stir... the Sugar has dissolved - remove from heat. Give a bit to cool...

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The dressing of wine vinegar...

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Ready rice allowed to rest in ceramic bowl (well, I have no wood!) under waffle polotenechko... In the hot rice, pour a little warm spravochku and a wooden spatula from the bottom-up mix...

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Itadakimasu You! Tried to show You that the rice is easily molded and does not break... hope you like it...

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My daughter was required... I did a Cup of rice, respectively, all the ingredients are divided into 2. Here is the number came out to 1 Cup of rice