Traditional Spanish snacks-tapas

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Spanish have a wonderful way of spending time is to eat and drink. )) But do they love it, and with the invention. The tradition of tapas goes back to antiquity (almost in the days of Torquemada). Tales on this subject goes a great many, well not about them. And talking about that light table consisting of a plurality of different snacks in one bite (OK, half a bite) - really, in my opinion, a good option for party easy going company. Today's video, I want to start a series of "tapas". I am sure that the vast majority knows and is a technique of cooking such recipes but I want to focus your attention on the aspect of filing of snacks (snacks) in this format.

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Ingredients for Traditional Spanish snacks-tapas

Step by step instruction of cooking Traditional Spanish snacks-tapas

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How to make a table - depends on your imagination and your taste preferences.

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It can be so?

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Or so?