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Noodles for Laghman

Noodles for Laghman

On the website there is a recipe of noodles, I have a little different to share with you this recipe for those who love "live"and elastic noodles... if anyone is not satisfied then of course remove))well, let's get started... the process of creating this delicious Uighur, extruded lagman!!!

Cooking time 90 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Noodles for Laghman

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Noodles for Laghman

Step 1

So in a flour egg

Step 2

Do salt the water, and slowly quite a bit, just pour in the flour

Step 3

Very carefully knead with both hands, the water pouring quite a bit as the dough knead tight, if it is not convenient in the Cup it is possible to knead on the table

Step 4

Knead with fists of both hands, the dough is periodically wetted with water, or our kulochki to moisten with water and continue to knead

Step 5

Knead carefully, the photo shows that the bones in my hand Reds from what I meshu dough with the force... when you knead the folded first bottom, pomnili, then top, then right then the left edges when carefully vybesilo, the dough is folded like so (pomagali as always side by side)

Step 6

Put it in a bag somewhere for an hour, let it rest, until we make gravy)))

Step 7

An hour has passed, take the dough roll out and put some butter on one side, and will cover second end, the little handles press down very lightly

Step 8

Now put the fingers on Testaccio and it cut stripes... as in the photo and put back in the bag for 15-20 minutes

Step 9

Get one strip and start pulling the noodles, roll out stripes palms of the hands... it does not fingers otherwise lapshinka will not be smooth

Step 10

Grease Cup or flat dish with butter and a snail of stacked strips, each strip lubricated with oil when the bottom is all closed, laid the second tier, etc

Step 11

When all the strips are laid put the tea bag and leave for 15-20 minutes

Step 12

Take carefully for the tip, striped, and begin pulling any palms roll out, or pull the index fingers and big... (second method requires skill)

Step 13

We boil the water we podsobili, take the tip lepchenko and dress on right, left right left (I took two or three slides.. you get one..)

Step 14

So it turns out

Step 15

Here in the end is the number of noodles came -a full Cup.