Leg of lamb in the sauna

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Was at my disposal, lamb thigh! Studying through a bunch of recipe all over the Internet and on boy in particular, I decided that the best will be to combine all and to make something of their own! I'm sure it will be delicious to cook and veal, and any other foot! :-) Well, what I got-see the recipe.. :)

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Now take the pan. Pour in the wine and "broth". These pieces in the photo-not soluble jelly from the broth, It is not dirty))

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Preheat the oven to 220 degrees, put the meat on the grill, the bottom, 10 inches, put the pan with wine and broth. Leave for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, open, turn meat and cook another 15 minutes. Then diminish the temperature to 180 degrees and cook for 1.5 hours, turning every half hour and basting with juice from the pan! When you open the oven-carefully! Will come out a lot of steam in this sense. Leg (thigh) to prepare as if in a sauna!

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I was just served with asparagus and horseradish. But, as You know, can there be any, is Your favorite side dish!