Shrimp salad and seaweed

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Salad "Telushkin secret". Have Cinderella a secret..! Our easy recipe..! It is good in salads knows! Simplicity always saves! All the products in composition... or rather, their unity.. how the Royal Charter will offer any Prince! Tender, juicy, flavorful! And like all enjoyable! Here is this dish.. but I will not praise! The Royal ball will come.., Cinderella will present your salad on the court.., to run away it will not..! Even a fairy can't help it.., witchcraft does not apply..! Her salad added strength..! Very tasty! Approves!

Ingredients for Shrimp salad and seaweed

Step by step instruction of cooking Shrimp salad and seaweed

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Rice and shrimp boil, onion

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To combine rice, shrimp, onions, seaweed, mayonnaise. Check for spices

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Mix well, and put on the table!