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Peanuts in a sweet glaze

Peanuts in a sweet glaze

Continue to translate and try recipes with Chinese food site. A few days ago I made a peanut in spicy glaze, and today sweet.

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Ingredients for Peanuts in a sweet glaze

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Peanuts in a sweet glaze

Step 1

Starch and fry a little on a dry pan

Step 2

Peanut bake in the oven or microwave, clean

Step 3

On a dry pan pour sugar and add some water. Bring the caramel on low heat to boil, cook until the sugar is dissolved.

Step 4

Pour into the pan peanuts, mix well so the peanuts evenly with caramel

Step 5

Sprinkle the starch and stir again thoroughly

Step 6

Allow to cool and serve