Chakhokhbili chicken

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Gamardzhoba, Genatsvale! The twists of fate of my family you can study the geography and history of the country. My ancestors, and it is only those, about whom I can say with certainty, lived in the Kuban, the Northern Caucasus, in the foothills of the Northwest Caucasus. I was born and grew up in Tatarstan, spending every summer visiting my grandmother in the Krasnodar region. It is therefore not surprising that the cuisine of these regions I dearly love. And today I want to show how I prepare chakhokhbili – and that my recipe is a mixture of recipes, at least, three different residents of the North Caucasus region – my mother's mother my father and one of Tuapse Georgian chakhokhbili prepared so acute that molten lead compared to him seemed cool water.

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Ingredients for Chakhokhbili chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Chakhokhbili chicken

Шаг 1

Mature chicken split into portions and fry in Tolstoganova pan/pot without adding fat until a slight blush. The juice and drain the oil into a frying pan with onions.

Шаг 2

In a frying pan fry the onions in chicken fat (add a little vegetable oil. After the onions become transparent and start to brown add the pureed tomatoes and boil the sauce for 10-15 minutes.

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Grind spices in a mortar or just mix if they are already chopped and add to onion-tomato sauce. Sauce to correct for salt/sugar/acid depending on the acid and sweetness of the tomatoes you may need the sugar or acidic component (Apple or wine vinegar, lemon juice - to your taste). The sauce must be very tasty. To put the sauce in the pot the chicken and simmer the chicken until tender.

Шаг 4

Chakhokhbili is served as a garnish, and without garnish, the chicken from the sauce separated on the photo - I did it for more attractive pictures. So to say the option is restaurant supply.