Porous candy

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Poor Cinderella, I think she often had to prepare meals from almost nothing, but at the same time that they were delicious! This recipe just is one of these! I represent to Your attention very tasty, caramel sponge candy (in my interpretation they are more like cakes)! Distinguished by their unusual porous structure. When you bite into a piece, they hit their crunchiness, and then just melt in your mouth. On the website there are similar recipes, but my different cooking technique. You'll also find a bonus in the form of some secrets and the history of the emergence of this delicacy!

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Ingredients for Porous candy

Step by step instruction of cooking Porous candy

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Mix sugar, water and honey. If You use, as I do, refined sugar Mistral, give 5 minutes to stand so the sugar has absorbed the water. In some variations of this recipe instead of honey is corn syrup. But, first, it is more difficult to find, and secondly, invert sugar (which are the main components of the syrup) naturally found in honey. So I prefer the latter. However, the choice is yours! Pour the mixture into a large enough pot or saucepan (this is very important because after you add the caramel to the baking soda the mixture will increase in volume several times), put on a small fire and with constant stirring to achieve complete dissolution of sugar.

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Bring to a boil. Once the mixture is boiling, stir not! Ovarium caramel to a temperature of 150 degrees. For this we use a special thermometer. Usually the caramel is cooked 11-13 minutes.

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In the absence of a thermometer, the caramel readiness check the following: drips from the spoon the caramel into cold water; if it turned out a hard ball, caramel finish. (Not to be confused with a soft ball: after cooling of the drops can your fingers roll into a soft ball. Solid - no.) The caramel should be Golden brown, do not allow to brown, otherwise the candy will taste bitter.