French butter cream for the eclairs and cakes

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This is a wonderful recipe for a French butter cream, which resembles strongly for any sweet fillings - cakes, biscuits, eclairs - it can be used anywhere. The lightest, airy, melting, amazing to taste and easy to prepare. I love cooking in a gorgeous cookbook, which I bought for a fortune in London and they were transported back and cherished as the Apple of his eye. This book 18 best chefs of the world describe in detail exactly what the technology of preparation of dishes, and in the end share their signature recipes. I can say that this book is absolutely everything. I am very much in her cooking, but only now "ready" to share this miracle with everyone. Sorry for the digression. So, a prescription cream from the best German pastry chef Franz Stephan (Franz Stephan). The product yield of 300 grams (a half recipe). This quantity of cream will last approximately 22 Eclair (dough recipe for eclairs at the bottom) On the timer the whole process takes 30 minutes. I'll write the original recipe. I took in 2 times less.

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Ingredients for French butter cream for the eclairs and cakes

Step by step instruction of cooking French butter cream for the eclairs and cakes

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1. Here are the products we need

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2. Mix the egg yolks with a pinch of salt to cream-white state. Set aside.

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3. In a small saucepan with a thick bottom ( I have 1.2 liters) pour water, add sugar and put on medium heat. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, bring to the boil. As soon as you pop the bubbles with a spoon or silicone brush, just remove them.

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5. Remove from heat and immediately put in pre-cooked a pot of cold water

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7. Now the oil ( to be honest, I always whipped when preparing the syrup, the time saving). In a separate container, beat the softened butter until creamy and white, add the vanilla (I have photos of almond essence. Also very nice is, I want to tell you, especially if the cream add crushed nuts. I tend to make cakes).

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8. And now the final step - in a bowl with egg yolks and syrup, 1 tablespoon of added oil. First, it will look as if the oil is stratified. And you need to gradually whisk in the cream.

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9. So it will thicken. Main - mix well

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10. And now enjoy the result!
I can eat just spoonfuls ))) Rich as hell, but very tasty! This cream is perfect for meringue and meringues. And as a cream for cakes, of course.
Try, sure you will like it!
N. B. the photo the weight of the cream I have is 302 grams. this is a half portion. From the above quantity of products you get about 600 grams of cream.
The cream is delicious but melts quickly, i.e., keeps bad shape, so it is best used in cakes and pastries, and if you want to decorate the cake, it is best to prepare Swedish cream meringue of the remaining six proteins.