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Cake-doll "Cold heart"

Cake-doll "Cold heart"

I always wondered who buys enti cakes-doll in the bakery, it's so strange "packaging" edible doll inside the cake. But the day when my nephew asked for a birthday a cake. And that's what happened.

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Ingredients for Cake-doll "Cold heart"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake-doll "Cold heart"

Step 1

Make a biscuit. Preferably overnight or days before cooking, so he insisted and was well cut. Whisk the sugar with the eggs for about 10 minutes. Should get lush foam. Add the flour and baking powder.

Step 2

Pour into molds (you can take two: bigger and smaller) and put in a pre-rasporedu to 180 degrees oven. Bake for about half an hour (check with a toothpick ready).

Step 3

Make the cream layer.
Fill with cold water gelatin according to the instructions on the package. I took gelatin plates because it requires fewer "extra" fluids.
Thoroughly mix sugar with sour cream. Heat gelatin (I do this in microwave) and add in the sour cream mass.
Put in the fridge and stir periodically (for speed you can use the freezer).

Step 4

Cut our biscuits. As I have in the first step, broke the mixer, the cake rose and not enough layers were not enough.

Step 5

When the cream has thickened enough you add to it the chopped peaches and spread on cakes. Depending on the height, editable, the diameter of the cake: the higher, the fewer.
Remove the cake in the fridge for a few hours to soak in the cream.

Step 6

Otkryvaem cream in a bag and let cool. Decorate as desired. This cream holosha hides all the irregularities of the cake and gives it the desired shape. And he, of course, delicious.