Currant marmalade with nuts

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Love with all my heart I agar-agar, which makes an incredible transformation with almost any sweet and savory liquid. Currant jelly is one of my favorites. He was particularly good with fundectomy and sesame seeds.

Ingredients for Currant marmalade with nuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Currant marmalade with nuts

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If currants are frozen, then defrost it and chop in a blender.
Agar-agar soak in water (I used agar recordprogress, flaked 3 tbsp., so all the water was gone for it, you can add the remaining water while cooking). Better yet check the instructions on your agar, as it is required for 250 ml.

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I wanted gummy mass was homogeneous, so squeeze out the resulting mash all the juice through cheesecloth (you can similarly pass the sauce through a sieve).

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Add the currant juice, put sugar on medium heat. Once the mixture starts to boil, add agar-agar with water.

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Fry a couple of minutes condut until Golden brown.

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When the jelly hardens completely (as the case 20-30 minutes), remove it from the mold, cut into cubes inside of each was the hazelnut. And roll in sesame seeds. If sesame is not well glued to marmalade, we still have a few hours to dry out the cubes. Or just sprinkle sesame seeds on top.