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Beef in sour cream

Beef in sour cream

I was in a spring mood))) Beef in sour cream instead of land with grass, heart rice, honey carrot and cucumber flower))) Son gobbled up quickly for such a lovely dinner)) Beef in sour cream is my dad's signature dish. The recipe I took from him. Although this dish is cooked for a long time, believe me, the result is worth it. Very tasty and satisfying. The beef turns out very tender.

Cooking time 250 minutes Number of servings20

Ingredients for Beef in sour cream

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Beef in sour cream

Step 1

Prepare the products. Beef cut into strips. Onions cut smaller.

Step 2

After hours, add seasonings, salt, pepper and toss Bay leaf. Reduce the heat on the 2nd and simmer for another hour (always under a lid), stirring occasionally.

Step 3

Then top to pour sour cream and cover without disturbing the cover. Reduce the heat to 1 and simmer for about 30 minutes Then you can already mix and simmer for 1.5 hours stirring occasionally. If 1 is not extinguished, then simmer for 2, but then you get to watch the beef, so as not to burn. Adjust your stove. The smell beckons, when we lift the lid))) three hours to spend on cooking, but I always kept 4 and is very happy. The meat melts in your mouth.

Step 4

You can have different submit this dish. I did this simple)

Step 5

And I have tried for my son) Husband was also thrilled, partly helped son with vegetables)))

Step 6

I hope You too will like the beef in the sour cream and will make it often.
All a pleasant appetite!