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Cakes with sesame seeds

Cakes with sesame seeds

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Ingredients for Cakes with sesame seeds

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cakes with sesame seeds

Step 1

Sesame pour into a sieve and rinse

Step 2

Fry in a dry pan until Golden brown. If you use black sesame seeds, add a little white to control of roasting

Step 3

In a blender pour the sesame seeds, sugar and add the butter. A little grind

Step 4

In flour, add warm water (how much dough) and knead a soft dough

Step 5

From test to cut off a small piece, roll it out, inside to put the filling

Step 6

Close up and roll with a rolling pin to make pies turned out flat

Step 7

Fry in skillet in small amount of oil with two sides

Step 8

Serve warm or cooled