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Sandy paste with protein custard

Sandy paste with protein custard

Back in the USSR in the forgotten cooking:) Very delicious dessert that disperses instantly! Prepared quickly, though the recipe seems vain. So

Cooking time 50 minutes Number of servings8

Ingredients for Sandy paste with protein custard

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Sandy paste with protein custard

Step 1

In a pan add sugar and pour water, bring to the boil and uvarovite on low heat until the consistency of "medium ball". Is verified as follows: in a container, pour cold (ice) water and drip the syrup. The syrup should not be spread on the bottom of the Cup, will have peaks that can be easily rolled up into a ball, not stick to hands.

While the syrup cooks, whip the whites in a solid foam. Then pour a thin stream with constant churning of the boiling syrup. Beat about 10 minutes at fast speed the cream is smooth, shiny, holds its shape well.

Step 2

Now you can do registration.

Spread into the cooled tart jam or slices of fresh fruit e.g. banana, strawberries, raspberries. I have currant jam.
And top with a cooking bag place the cream top.

Step 3

Bon appetit!