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Crown of lamb ribs

Crown of lamb ribs

This recipe was posted long ago in the diary, girls convinced to publish the recipes :) Cook it on the birthday of his mother. Great as a dish on the holiday table.

Cooking time 180 minutes Number of servings8

Ingredients for Crown of lamb ribs

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Crown of lamb ribs

Step 1

Here are our ribs earner brought from the market ))) Need 2 lanes 7-12 ribs each. The more fins, the more and more beautiful crown

Step 2

My meat, remove excess fat, film, etc.

Step 3

Carefully trimmed the ends of the ribs from the meat and films

Step 4


Step 5

Make the incisions between the vertebrae

Step 6

To strip a good bend

Step 7

Mix olive oil, crushed garlic and spices

Step 8

I took these

Step 9

Thoroughly grease the ribs and leave to marinate.. I did last night, I continued to cook dinner, so cooking time in the recipe indicated without including time for marinating

Step 10

Take the thread (I have iris) and the needle a little more, we scald with boiling water and begin to tightly stitch the edges

Step 11


Step 12

At this stage the crown can be filled with, depending on the type of filling. I did Polyarnye cereals, so I added them for half an hour until tender. I have layers was covered by a mash, bulgur and couscous.
The ends of the ribs, wrap with foil a baking sheet brush with olive oil, lay out the crown and put in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for about half an hour. I stuck it in a jar of water to give a good shape, so put in a cold oven, after 15 minutes was removed. This can not be done, the shape of the crown and normal turns.

Step 13

Beauty in a corset ready ))

Step 14


Step 15

Remove skin, decorate-gameroom.
I was so hurried that the thread was removed right at the table during the cutting process, and the garnish is not artistically laid out )))