Pancake cake "rainbow"

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Baked this cake on Shrove Tuesday, the kiddies liked it, tasty and bright, and will surprise family and friends.

Ingredients for Pancake cake "rainbow"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancake cake "rainbow"

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Preparation of cake:

A few minutes before making pancakes, the oil need to be warmed up in the pan and leave to cool.
Mix all ingredients for pancakes, stir until smooth and in the end pour oil.
Radelet the dough into 4 parts, each should be mixed food dyes. (Or juices from sokli, carrots, spinach, but then you will need to add Eze flour).
Bake pancakes as usual, but it is not necessary to put them in a stack and individually, so as not stuck together.

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I went for 8 yellow and red, 6 blue and serenevy.

For cream, first whip the ricotta with condensed milk, then pour the cream and continue to beat until thick mass.

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Collect the cake with more pancakes, I first took a red pancake 1st. l cream,

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Yellow damn,1st. l, cream, blue damn,1st. l, cream, purple pancake and so on, the last pancake I red.
The trimmings, delicious with fresh berries (but was not at home.)

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In winter weather, the bright colors of summer, will decorate your table.