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Chicken schnitzel with Cashew nut

Chicken schnitzel with Cashew nut

Delicious schnitzel boneless breast of chicken, chopped Cashew nuts and beaten eggs. Have a nice delicate flavor, chicken breast meat retains juiciness due to the breading of egg and nuts. Perfect for light side dishes of vegetables, and also canned fruit.

Cooking time 40 minutes Number of servings5

Ingredients for Chicken schnitzel with Cashew nut

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Chicken schnitzel with Cashew nut

Step 1

Required products

Step 2

Breast to beat. Need to recapture from the middle to the edges. The ragged edges of the cut they will turn into small medallions, in the times per serving for kids.

Step 3

Nuts grind in a blender not very finely (not to dust), beat eggs until thick foam.

Step 4

Prepared schnitzel (I got 3 large and 4 small medallions) and coat in nuts and drop in the beaten egg. Spread on a heated pan with a thick bottom. Fry on a medium heat.

Step 5

Turn over and cook until done (under the hood). Then Dozhivem small pieces. Spread on a dish.

Step 6

Served with various sauces, vegetable side dishes with canned fruits and so today, I Have dinner with cranberry sauce (yesterday I posted the recipe), with baked beans, and peaches. And for lunch you can a side dish and more rice, buckwheat, beans, pasta, mashed potatoes.