Pork knuckle long longing

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Prolonged heating of meat at a low temperature promotes softening of the veins, ligaments, and film. Even fairly tough meat becomes remarkably soft and tender. But more importantly, what method of cooking you are guaranteed to get a great result even in the absence of sufficient experience. Meat in any case will not be overdone and will be extremely juicy, fragrant and rosy.

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Ingredients for Pork knuckle long longing

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork knuckle long longing

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In the morning RUB the meat with salt and wrap in plastic wrap. Can be in the package for baking. The meaning of the film to prevent drying during long warm-up. No special tightness is required.

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So Packed meat sent to the oven. Set by the regulator the desired temperature in the furnace. Let it be 70 degrees, if you cook for the first time. In the future, as you gain experience, you can reduce the temperature up to 65 degrees (this is the lower boundary of the sanitary willingness of pork). Turn on the oven and held the meat in her 8 hours. Have to cook so long because the knuckle is very large and it is a massive bone. Furthermore, we are trying to achieve softening of tendons and ligaments in the knuckle enough.

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Preparing for a long time, but just set and forget. You can do any household chores. The meat will be overdone. On the contrary - the longer languishing in the oven, the better. At the right moment, take out the meat, remove the foil. In principle, it is ready.

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But you can add one more stroke - the stroke of an artist. Take a brush and coat the shank with any suitable sauce. For example: cranberries + honey + pepper. Soak the meat in the oven under the top grill to the slight drying and Browning of the skin. Now the masterpiece is finally ready and you can serve it on the table. However, and here it is well to pause - for about 20 minutes. Gourmets know is important.

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