Layered salad with chicken and a banana

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My favorite combination of poultry with fruit is chicken with banana. This salad was prepared first time for the new year, he's the only one that was eaten instantly. It was especially interesting to observe the guests who were arguing, competing in fantasy, guessing the composition of the salad.

Ingredients for Layered salad with chicken and a banana

Step by step instruction of cooking Layered salad with chicken and a banana

Шаг 1

The number of products regulated, and focusing on your bowl (diameter 17.5 cm), try that the layers were equal in number to the product. Boiled chicken breast finely cut.

Шаг 2

Large onion finely chopped, fry until Golden brown, put in a fine sieve, to glass excess oil.

Шаг 3

1 layer of lettuce.
Mix the chicken breast with fried onions and mayonnaise, spread with a spoon, lightly tamped, do it right in the bowl.

Шаг 4

2-layer salad.
Boiled protein, RUB on a small grater, coat with mayonnaise.

Шаг 5

Banana rubbed on a fine grater, it turns out mashed potatoes. Pour lemon juice, mix.

Шаг 6

3 layer salad.
Spread cottage cheese evenly in the bowl, grease with mayonnaise! (once forgot to lubricate and transport the lettuce in a plate, layer with banana I have moved out and collapsed)

Шаг 7

4 layer salad.
Cheese rubbed on a fine grater, grease mayonnaise.

Шаг 8

5 layer salad.
Yolks rubbed on a fine grater, grease mayonnaise.

Шаг 9

Walnuts can be cut, can be turned into crumbs using food processor, I put the nuts in a thick plastic bag and beat with a hammer. I like it when the nuts coarsely.

Шаг 10

6 layer.
Evenly cover the salad with pieces of walnut. Give the salad to soak up, my family eats in 2-3 hours after preparation. Bon appetit.