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Brizol with cheese and tomatoes

Brizol with cheese and tomatoes

Offer the recipe is quick and delicious dinner when I read the recipe, it seemed to me that the process requires skill, were all easy!!! But most importantly unusual and delicious!!!

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings5

Ingredients for Brizol with cheese and tomatoes

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Brizol with cheese and tomatoes

Step 1


Step 2

Minced salt and pepper to taste, divide into 5 balls. Take the pack, put it on mince ( not the middle of the pack, and a bit to the side )

Step 3

Cover with second half of package and roll out across the width of the plates in which we beat the egg

Step 4

Break the egg in a shallow dish, sprinkle with salt and then whisk

Step 5

In the egg carefully from the package put the minced meat, in this way the rolled out meat is easy to shift

Step 6

Gently, as it pushes the egg with meat on a heated pan with butter, fry on slow fire from two sides

Step 7

Spread on a plate of stuffing up, mayonnaise, on one side, put the finely chopped tomatoes, sprinkle with grated cheese, cover the second half, lightly pressed on top. Also prepare the other 4 britholite

Step 8

Our delicious, juicy and tender britholite ready! My male was eating them in 5 seconds! Cheeeeeeeese delicious!