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Chicken teriyaki with pasta and vegetables

Chicken teriyaki with pasta and vegetables

Japanese cuisine will not surprise anyone on this site, but many do not searched on the website, this recipe is not found. This dish looks like all the known yakisoba, but is easy to prepare and some ingredients. I apologize in advance for the noise in some photos, as tried, the vapor is prevented to photograph clearly. However, after dancing with a tambourine, photos still get, though not the best quality.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Chicken teriyaki with pasta and vegetables

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Chicken teriyaki with pasta and vegetables

Step 1

Vegetables and breast, cut into thin strips, mushrooms cut

Step 2

Makaroshki boil.

Step 3

Fry in a frying pan first the vegetables and then the mushrooms. The objective is to soften, not to skumanich, so as soon as I threw the vegetables in the frying pan stir continuously. Put the cooked vegetables on a separate plate.

Step 4

Once the brisket is ready, add back the vegetables and napravlen all teriyaki sauce. I added ready, but can be prepared by
In 100 gr of soy sauce add sugar, salt, chopped ginger, anise, cloves and cinnamon to taste, insist at least a day in a cool dark place. The longer it stands, vyrajenie taste. The sauce is ready strain and add to the dish. Varying the amount of certain spices get different flavors.

Step 5

Send the pasta to the chicken and vegetables, mix everything.

Step 6