Dietary dessert

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Hello! I want to introduce you to a diet treat, per 100 grams of food I estimate about 300 calories.. very easy, fast and useful, and most importantly delicious.. I hope that this recipe here yet.

Ingredients for Dietary dessert

Step by step instruction of cooking Dietary dessert

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This photo shows how simple it is.. it is also important to mention that all the ingredients I took the eye.. that is, if I wanted sweeter, it took more cocoa or raisins cocoa.. by the way there are different types. I bought one that had the least calories.. so :oatmeal, cocoa, egg and raisins stir and pour a little yogurt for a bunch of products (in principle it is possible to take what is in the fridge. yogurt, milk etc) to spread the mixture with a spoon on a baking tray laid with parchment paper.. bake I 10-15 min at 200 degrees then turn off the oven and leave my cookies in the oven until it cools..

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Here is tanned, tasty, crispy cookies turned out.. even my son, who is year old, eats it with great pleasure.. hope my recipe will brighten up your harsh diet days ))) Bon appetit!