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French roll "Fast"

French roll "Fast"

Love the baked puff pastry, but sometimes not enough time, but there are recipes for quick and delicious cakes, here and share with you my dear!!!

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings10

Ingredients for French roll "Fast"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking French roll "Fast"

Step 1

Soak raisins in cognac for 1 hour

Step 2

Prepare the cream: Milk+ vanilla sugar preheat

Step 3

Flour+sugar (100 grams)+ 2 eggs whisk

Step 4

The egg-flour mixture to enter the hot milk, cook on slow heat for 5 minutes. Remove the cream from heat set aside to cool

Step 5

Dough (thawed) to roll out quite a bit, to lubricate the cooled cream

Step 6

Generously sprinkle pressed from cognac raisins

Step 7

Roll it up

Step 8

Cut with a sharp knife in slices of 1.5 cm thickness, place on a baking tray ( my baking paper), brush with egg yolk, leave for 20 minutes for proofing. Then bake in the preheated oven to 180 gr. approximately 25 min ( depending on oven)

Step 9

The buns are top lubricated with syrup ( 100g sugar + 70 ml of water, boil)

Step 10

These guys we did it! I picked up another roll of dough and begins his chocolate drops. Very tasty, help yourself!