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Rice pudding "Choco-sutlac"

Rice pudding "Choco-sutlac"

A simple to prepare dessert that does not require unearthly ingredients! It was decided to vary this dish, the more original the recipe is already on this website. So rich, flavorful, unique in any form-sutlac. The dish is of Turkish cuisine and there is a common recipe, maybe someone already tried it there, but my recipe is useful to You for sweet memories:)

Cooking time 40 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Rice pudding "Choco-sutlac"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Rice pudding "Choco-sutlac"

Step 1

When the rice is cooked, add it to the milk, at the same time, add to milk and sugar. I did two servings of Sutluce, one of which was chocolate and the other without, so I have all the ingredients divided by two)

Step 2

Meanwhile, in a separate Cup, mix egg yolks, starch, flour and a little warm milk, stir until smooth

Step 3

When the milk with rice warmed up in there, pour hot chocolate and thoroughly stir until all lumps disappear

Step 4

The final stage of preparation will we have, when we heat it to a high temperature (but not boiling milk), gradually introduce the weight of what was in the mug into the milk, stirring immediately.
I want to add that neither of vanillin or vanilla sugar I had, so I took the essence.

Step 5

When the milk starts to boil, you will see how it thickens in his eyes, until boiling does not cease to interfere. I took a picture of approximately what the consistency should be "mess", but I understand that this is probably not enough. (this is just sutlac without hot chocolate)

Step 6

Pour it into moulds, I have them large, but can be different.
Pour 100 ml water into the tray

Step 7

Put the oven on max and wait for the beautiful, as it were, burnt crust. But chocolate is a little harder because the light visible crust, and the chocolate there, so I suggest you do both, note the time once to in the future already know)My oven is so "prehistoric" that this case took almost an hour"

Step 8

Get our beauties out of the oven and let them cool. I want to note that they can not even bake, and immediately put in the refrigerator and out is also very very tasty.

Step 9

Easter chocolate and sprinkled powder)

Step 10

Here they are-handsome, Bon appetit!
My mom loves it hot, straight from the oven, and I love when he night stand in the fridge))
If you do not understand explained - will answer in comments)