Poundcake, orange

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I have a coworker Carol, she always bakes some vkusnosti, brownies, muffins, and brings to work. Last Friday along with her, came orange, poundcake (or pound cake-cupcake), I tried a quarter piece and gone! This glazirovanny crunchy sugar crust, this tender moist center, this delightful orange scent, and this despite the fact that in Cuijk was not filling! I'm not down with Carol until she brought me the recipe from their cookbook, too unusual, by the way: it's an old family recipe book, which was about her grandmother and mother, was printed on a typewriter and intertwined. A photocopy of this recipe in English, I also spread interesting to look at American cookbook 30-40 years of the 20th century) Maria, my other colleague, was born on March 6. I decided to try the recipe and at the same time to pamper your girlfriend cakes for a Birthday party, to which Maria big hunter! Welcome to recipe, a Cup of tea!

Ingredients for Poundcake, orange

Step by step instruction of cooking Poundcake, orange

Шаг 1

All the ingredients naglyadnogo

Шаг 2

Add salt, baking powder and flour pereprodaet. The step can be omitted if you add salt and baking powder at the first screening.
If you use baking powder, of course. I only use soda, because the baking powder composition is almost the same, except for the agent against caking. We do not need in our beautiful organisms. Soda, slaked with vinegar I will add later to the liquid ingredients.

Шаг 3

Beat the butter to a cream, add the sugar and continue whisking until fluffy.
I still have the best way, held my frozen butter in the microwave (just 30 seconds!) and it melted.

Шаг 4

Add one egg and beat well, add the second egg and again beat.

Шаг 5

Here you can add soda with vinegar, and stir.

Шаг 6

Begin to add alternately flour and milk to egg-butter-sugar agriculture. The recipe calls to start with flour and finish!
You can enable the oven to be heated to 350 Fahrenheit or 175 Celsius.

Шаг 7

Pour the milk, stir the milk from the fridge, I only have three gravy-podsypat happened (alternate).
As I remembered the soda only after the first round adding the flour and milk, then I added the baking soda and vinegar at this stage. The dough is still quite liquid, and the soda went well.
The taste is not affected :)

Шаг 8

With this step I started because it is important to add juice and zest quickly to gluten from flour is not sold in the test.
So, grate the zest from one orange and squeeze the juice. Hey, I got started the Meyer lemon, so I also overcame, but the zest with him did not take, so as not to break the orange scent.
Everyone knows that when you RUB the zest, it is important to wash the orange part, because the white is bitter.

Шаг 9

The Meyer lemon is very juicy and flavorful and gives around 2-3 tablespoons of juice, so I mixed them with orange and measured out one tablespoon for later for the glaze.
Oh, I love it when the refrigerator scraps and nedelkov no!

Шаг 10

Add the zest and juice to the dough. You will see how the juice will repay soda additionally, the dough will zabinitsa. Easy stir zest into the dough

Шаг 11

Vylizyvaya for bowls silicone spatula! A drop by! Everything I teach my grandma.

Шаг 12

Happy Birthday Mariacka!

Шаг 13

And finally, the lemon Meyer, to life honey did not seem, dear Povarenkin!