Spring barbecue

165 - 180 минут 4 порции

Dear girls, friends and not, All of You with Your spring holiday! Give ass to their husbands or Boyfriends that tore from the chair stuck to the fifth point, rolled up his "blank" and made something delicious. As a variant of the... the Kebab and sauce, wonderful day! Yet you doze, each adorable...

for 8th of March

Ingredients for Spring barbecue

Step by step instruction of cooking Spring barbecue

Шаг 1

Oh, where I have suffered?! Yes! About the weather... Winter IN Bessarabia, this year, withdrew before the deadline and your anniversary, I planned to celebrate the first of the season, backyard barbecues, but on February 28 was the morning dank – repulsive and made the same adjustments to our plans...

Шаг 2

Cut the meat into slices approximately 4х4х8 cm across the grain. Incidentally veins and excess fat.

Шаг 3

Onions cut rings and are same assorted.

Шаг 4

The sauce should take Kikkoman or Navarro makes no difference, the main thing that was a classic, without different additives. And then I poured, not glancing, Soy with honey and herbs and got the more cake on the skewer. All this time, until the meat has got salt in its pure form, it is typed in fragrances, which we are watching and that meat with us then be sure to share. And give the meat to rest for five or ten minutes.
The next step is pour the meat with wine.

Шаг 5

An hour before cooking, with ignition of the grill, drain all liquid. Not only the neighbour on a bed, and a separate container for subsequent splashing flame.
Now take olive (sunflower) seed oil, one hundred grams, and a good mix up it into the meat-onion mixture, lubricating each piece. Oil, along with smoke and high temperatures, creates conditions for preserving the juice in the meat and education fragrant and extremely nice crust on each piece.

Шаг 6

So, we have a skewer on charcoal.

Шаг 7

Add to the onions :- 100 grams ketchup "Chile"; 100 grams of ketchup "For Barbecue"; teaspoon of black pepper, same of red, garlic and

Шаг 8

After 10 minutes stewing,

Шаг 9

... 150 grams "Martini".

Шаг 10

Instead of "Martini" you can use any vermouth. Rosso, Bianco – no difference! All one color gives the mass of... As a complement to the sauce to TASTE, add the garlic, Krasnodar sauce (well dilutes the sharpness, if overdone). A couple of minutes, simmer to the desired consistency, tasting that left the smell of alcohol.

Шаг 11

Uslaw to fill their cups with ale,

Шаг 12

In a bowl mix the vegetable oil, one tablespoon of paprika, black pepper and tablespoon of salt.

Шаг 13

Long stir until the butter will not taste salty.

Шаг 14

Medium, closer still to the small potatoes, thoroughly wash.
You can use old, but tonkoshkura! When You brush, the skin goes all the charm and taste. The potatoes will get ready, but not BAKED. At four I took 16 pieces.

Шаг 15

Fresh-salty bacon, no smell, cleaned from the skin and cut into thin, narrow slices.

Шаг 16

Do in tuber two parallel cut, not dorezaya to the opposite edge a few inches. We put in the cuts a thin slice of bacon ( bacon). Lubricated with salt butter, held together by a toothpick

Шаг 17

And put into glass form (with lid) in the microwave.

Шаг 18

Split up! Cover with a lid and put on ten minutes in MW at a power of 850 kW.

Шаг 19

Then take out the bowl and shooting the eyes and aphorisms, annealing and useless spitting on his fingers, grabbing the ears of all within reach, put the tubers on a round baking tray for MV. Again, the same-seam up!

Шаг 20

Put on the stand under the grill inside and calibrating roasting (grill) for 15 minutes. Sprinkle, no, not the head and not the ashes, herbs and... Potatoes are ready, even haze is not required. It swept away before the barbecue, I say
Says Misha Zhvanetskiy :- " Forgive to the table! Boiled! "

Шаг 21

Everything was done under the watchful supervision!