The jam from the frozen berries in the microwave

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For many years, at the end of winter, end of autumn when the reserves and the time comes "depletion" are resorting to this recipe from the book recipes for microwave oven. Very simple and fast in execution. Just needs a frozen berry mixture, sugar, and gelatin. The only thing in this mix should not be a major drain.

Ingredients for The jam from the frozen berries in the microwave

Step by step instruction of cooking The jam from the frozen berries in the microwave

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All that we need.

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The berries out of the freezer, put in a deep microwave-safe bowl cover with sugar and let stand to thaw the berries. This can be done for the night. Or defrost in the microwave.

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Today was defrosting in the microwave.

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Put in the microwave I 850вт., on 8 minutes. Take out, remove the foam, and again in the oven for 5 minutes, again remove the foam, and again at the last 5 minutes. But everyone has their own microwave, if the power is high, the time is reduced.

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Take out of oven and allow to cool, about 60*. Meanwhile, dilute the gelatin (I did not require soaking), and add a lot of berries. If you have a gelatin which requires a long soaking after mixed with berry mixture, put another 1-2 min. in the oven.

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Allow to cool a little and pour into jars.

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I managed to prepare today for the arrival of guests not only jam, but a pie with canned peaches.