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Cheesecake "New form"

Cheesecake "New form"

Cheesecake, I was never. I mean beautiful form. That story when make a ball of dough, let ' em come, then the middle push the glass.... That will settle the whole cheesecake.. on The contrary in the oven, the middle will begin to rise and bulge. And we love cheesecake, but eat them when they are unappetizing as it does not look like. And so I scoured the Internet in search of how to make cheesecake.... And found!!! Share

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Ingredients for Cheesecake "New form"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cheesecake "New form"

Step 1

Roll out slightly more than the diameter of the ring

Step 2


Step 3

A ring of dough stretch and make a loop

Step 4

Put on top of the circle

Step 5

Fill with stuffing, let stand 20 minutes and bake

Step 6

Well, here they are... my cheesecake. All smooth, nice