Carrot vegetable-bean patties

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These lean and rich cakes will please even the most inveterate gourmets. The recipe is easy, preparing molnienosno and effortlessly. Especially will please fans of carrot juice;)

Ingredients for Carrot vegetable-bean patties

Step by step instruction of cooking Carrot vegetable-bean patties

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1. Grind beans in blender is not a completely homogeneous slurry
2. Add carrot cake ( or grated on a fine grater or shredded in a blender and pressed carrots)
3. Add soy sauce

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4. Mix well
5. To form cutlets of any shape (the meat is very tender)
6. Roll in breadcrumbs

Шаг 3

7. Fry in raskalennoy oil (literally a few minutes on each side)
Rosy, appetizing and very tasty burgers are ready)!

And of course for those watching their figure can be oil to reduce to a minimum the meatballs all the same juicy and delicious!
Bon appetit!