Cottage cheese and jelly cake with fruits

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I planned to please the son to his birthday cake. That's just the cakes I'm not very friendly) Looked cake recipes with gelatin and decided... Now this cake is already proven))) because the birthday was celebrated in several stages (with mom-dad, with friends, with relatives), this cake I was making three times already and, judging by the reviews of critics, will prepare further. Of course, experienced cooks this cake I was not surprised, but I hope the recipe is useful to those who, like me, with pastries.

Ingredients for Cottage cheese and jelly cake with fruits

Step by step instruction of cooking Cottage cheese and jelly cake with fruits

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Sponge cake I purchased, that I err, because I was afraid of the big event to begin to learn to bake biscuits. If You have a favorite recipe – bake homemade cake is always competition! So, with a brush to soak the biscuit, I was soaked with syrup from canned fruit, which are then decorated the cake. Set around the cake sliding ring (or a ring from the split form for baking).

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To prepare the gelatin according to the instructions on the packaging. I tried to make a cake or sheet, regular, and instant, the result is equally good. Add the prepared gelatin to the curd-cream mixture, mix thoroughly, carefully pour into mold into pie crust. Put in refrigerator to harden, I left for the night.

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Decorate your favorite fruit. I have canned apricots, grapes, apples, an orange. Cook the jelly according to the instructions on the packaging, carefully pour it over the fruit. Leave to harden, and this happens fairly quickly.

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And this is my first option: canned peaches, apples, roses of Mandarin, marmalade and hearts colored sprinkles, which somehow shed) But anyway it was very tasty!