The mackerel pate and feta

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Many pies require the addition of a large amount of butter. This is not required. The required consistency gives feta and structure the most mackerel. Delicious with boiled potatoes and pancakes and just spread on toast!

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Ingredients for The mackerel pate and feta

Step by step instruction of cooking The mackerel pate and feta

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In the recipe we will use vegetable oil "generous gift".
Pour it in the pan, there also put chopped onion and fry until Golden brown

Шаг 2

Salt mackerel cut into fillets

Шаг 3

To paste we will need feta cheese. I took the feta in Tetra Pak

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In the bowl of a blender put cooled roasted onions, sliced mackerel and feta. Blender turn it all into paste

Шаг 5

Optional - add chopped dill and stir

Шаг 6

This pate is perfect with boiled or baked potatoes, to pancakes or just spread it on hot toast.

I decided to make small canapés on the Borodino bread

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If highly salted mackerel pate turns out of course salty. The situation can be corrected adding a grated hard-boiled egg.
A number of products will be sufficient 2 pieces