Oat burgers with onion dip

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The recipe does not require much effort, and it turns out very tasty and satisfying!

Ingredients for Oat burgers with onion dip

Step by step instruction of cooking Oat burgers with onion dip

Шаг 1

Bring cereal to a boil in a little water and leave to cool with the lid closed

Шаг 2

Add to oatmeal, crackers, egg, grated cheese, herbs, salt and knead well

Шаг 3

Wet hands to form small patties and fry them on both sides in a little oil in a pan

Шаг 4

For the dip (or very thick sauce) you need to chop the onion half rings and fry it with a pinch of sugar on low heat until they are brown and very soft

Шаг 5

Mix onion with sour cream and spices to taste, serve with warm or cold cakes. Bon appetit!