Children's fish soup

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Very long did not give the fish to his son, because the doctor said it was highly allergic product. Much has been ate, and the fish in any way. But in vain! That made him an easy fish soup, so he was very happy and was eating a sweet soul. My husband also liked it, after a little "improvements" red pepper :) But the original recipe pepper, of course not. The photo managed to capture the remains of the soup, where the fish is almost gone : (

Ingredients for Children's fish soup

Step by step instruction of cooking Children's fish soup

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Used a small steak trout for cooking broth (was in the freezer, 120 g). Cooked a bit in 1 liter of salted water. When the fish is ready, almost immediately after boiling, remove and turn the heat to medium. While the fish set aside.

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Cook on medium heat for 20 minutes, then add broccoli for another for 20 minutes (4-5 buds). You can still prisolit based on one kind of taste.

In the photo I took of the soup and washed broccoli. I have it in the family eat the whole thing, but if the baby refuses to eat "grass", it can be crushed and put back.

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By this time our small rice was to soft after boiling to give a little viscosity to soup. Here I cleared the steak from the bones and put meat back in soup. Then you can cover it with a lid and allow to stew just on the warm burner.

Bon appetit!